Catherine Seaver Consulting

My name is Catherine Seaver.

I am a personal strategist.


What I do:

I specialize in whole life strategies; real, practical care for the working mother.

Discover how to be focused and productive within the mess of life.



How this is different:

In a simple, thoughtful one hour session, I hold both your humanity as a woman and your ambition as a professional so that you can realistically accomplish what is required of you each day.  Including:

  • prioritizing tasks
  • meeting deadlines
  • seeing the bigger picture
  • breaking goals into doable action steps
  • making measurable progress each week

While the sky is the limit for you, you don't have to do this solo.  You deserve an expert guide.

Let's get started with a free mini strategy session to see if we're a good fit.  


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Catherine helps me hold the tensions of being a working mother with such enormous grace, humor and understanding. Hers is a rare gift - she can connect the dots between the big, glorious picture and the tiny - often messy - details with such lightness and ease, I wonder how I didn’t think of that myself. She models and guides with care and encouragement. I feel lighter, more focused, and plain happier after time with her.
— Katya Matanovic, Strategic Planning Consultant

Catherine gives me the gift of focus, in my career, in parenthood, in my community and my health. She helps me to find the tools to balance all the wonders of running my businesses and raising a family while also making time for myself. Her style is fun and exciting as she asks questions, listens thoughtfully and returns compassionate and supportive thoughts. After working with her I truly feel more engaged and excited for the work that lies ahead.
— Megan Jepson, entrepreneur
I sought Catherine’s help as a business owner and parent struggling to find focus and clarity in life. Catherine was instrumental in guiding me through establishing priorities, developing a plan, and finding consistency in execution. She is extremely resourceful, lending immediate insights as well as practical applications that were relevant to my specific needs. Catherine is also kind, which goes a long way in a challenging, changing moment in our busy lives.
— Marisa Janusz, entreprenur and architectural designer

About Me

MY NAME IS Catherine SEaver

I am a mother and a business woman.  I can't wait to meet you!