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I am a mother and a business woman.  I grew up mostly in Vancouver, Canada.  My first business venture was realizing that at 5 years old I couldn't give away flowers BUT people would snap them up when I sold them at exorbitant prices.  I've run a highly successful junk removal business and also improvised my way into the world.  I am a teacher and a historian. I've spent a huge amount of time in therapy and now love being with myself - almost always - except when writing a bio for my website. I have two kids and a halfway decent husband (who was dictating this part to me earlier) and I live in Seattle. I can't wait to meet you!

I sought Catherine’s help as a business owner and parent struggling to find focus and clarity in life. Catherine was instrumental in guiding me through establishing priorities, developing a plan, and finding consistency in execution. She is extremely resourceful, lending immediate insights as well as practical applications that were relevant to my specific needs. Catherine is also kind, which goes a long way in a challenging, changing moment in our busy lives.
— Marisa Janusz, entrepreneur and architectural designer